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About Us

We received our IRS 501c3 nonprofit determination letter in February, 2019 and our board has remained steadfastly committed to our mission. We have recently added two new members to further assist with our growth and continued community participation.


Olivia Whitehurst has been president of the board since the nonprofit was established in 2019, having led the charge to its achieving 501c3 status. She is a full-time nurse with MUSC - and her other full-time job is serving the mission of FOBAC. With a lifelong love of animals and a deep connection to community, Olivia works tirelessly in support of the shelter animals. She has been a driving force in procuring multiple large ticket items for the shelter, organizing events, and nurturing relationships within the local community. She also currently acts as chief of staff to two foster fails. Her desire is to see the day that all animals find safety and love in Berkeley County. Email: president@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com


Jennifer Hill has served on the board for three years now as event coordinator. Her grandmother introduced volunteering to her through the simple kind act of giving out food to the homeless on street corners. Jennifer currently operates a modest bookkeeping business and, prior to joining FOBAC, she managed a group of like-minded vendors who wanted to give back to their community, so they held small events for other non-profit organizations. Jennifer was “that” child – the one who brought home strays – and that part of her has never changed. She has adopted and fostered too! She currently has a full house including two dogs, a bird, three tortoises and three snakes. She is a mom and about to know the joys of grandparenting. Her board support is vital as the FOBAC annual and smaller events year-round help sustain the organization. Email: events@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com or click here for alternate address.


Jess Dooley began her volunteer journey with FOBAC in 2019 as a grant writer. With a desire to volunteer, but having a small child at home, she felt her “free” time was limited. After some thought, she felt her prior English teaching background created an opportunity for grant writing as work she could do from home. Her involvement led to a board role by 2020, and she has since enhanced her activities to include content development for socials, increasing volunteer participation, taking meeting notes and minutes, and helping with press releases to promote upcoming events. It’s a family affair now and Jess is often joined at events by her husband and child – especially when food trucks are involved! In 2021 they added a rescue dog to their family. She continues to support FOBAC as often as, and in whatever way, possible. Email: grantwriter@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com


Arthur England is a younger retiree, who now understands what people meant when they used to say, "You are busier retired than you ever were working!" Arthur serves as an at-large board member, which means he is charged with helping do whatever is needed to see the mission come to fruition. He has supported FOBAC from multiple angles, including everything from creating wooden crafts to sell, to organizing the annual Poker Run and other events, working events as a booth representative, and working as a sounding board for the group's ideas. Arthur and his wife have fostered, foster-failed, and adopted animals their whole lives. They currently have two very spoiled dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way! Email: arthur@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com


Stephanie Ulam is a newer member of the board and brings to the group excellent business skills and management background. Originally from Moncks Corner, she is pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership from Anderson University. She is heavily involved in the Berkeley County Community Cats program, is a key member of Heroes for Hearts, and has been a strong advocate for the animals, having brought 91 shelter animals into her home to date, and volunteered at multiple events over the last two years. Stephanie currently parents two spoiled dogs of her own, one of which was a foster fail from BAC. Email: stephanie@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com


Kayleigh Ouzts is another recent addition to the board and brings a fantastic graphic design, social media and promotion skillset to the group. She creates compelling visuals and has a great understanding of social media. She is a core member of Heroes for Hearts and is a tireless advocate for the animals of Berkeley County. Kayleigh shares her home (and large piece of property!) with her husband and young daughter, and a menagerie of well-loved animals, some of whom were even adopted from the shelter FOBAC supports. Email: kayleigh@friendsofberkeleyanimalcenter.com



We will always be grateful for the hard work and unfailing dedication our board members invested in getting the much-needed new shelter facility built in 2021. While our board has evolved since that time, these members helped create a legacy in Berkeley County.



Our annual IRS reports are filed timely as required, although the IRS is behind in their posting online. We are also current with our charity/tax filings through the SC Secretary of State. We are planning to pursue a rating with Charity Navigator and hope to complete this process in 2023. Supporters may request our filings in writing, if not found online.

Our bylaws are available upon written request.

Our board members are all volunteers, not salaried. With diligence, we are proud to say we have kept our operating expenses low, allowing us to donate $0.99 of each dollar toward shelter support.

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