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Volunteer of the Quarter (3rd Quarter 2020)

Jul 1, 2020

Meet Arthur and Lynne England

The words volunteer of the quarter do not do them justice alone. We are humbled to seek you out and celebrate all that you do for us.

We were first introduced to Arthur through the Berkeley County Growth page on Facebook. He started a group of volunteers to help the elderly, weak, sick, and needy in Berkeley County. From there he added the animal shelter to his volunteering and we quickly invited him to join us in supporting our cause for the Berkeley Animal Center. Arthur and Lynne are a vital part of our endeavors in making every life matter at our shelter. There has never been a moment that he has said no to our needs. They foster unwanted ones; they attend our events. Arthur builds anything we need and makes the sought-after guitars for selling and auctioning to raise money so desperately needed. Lynne is an awesome keyboard warrior for us and shares all our needs, events, and wants online. They both prefer to stay in the background and try to go unnoticed, but we assure you there are many things that would be extremely impossible for us to do without them.

Arthur and Lynne, we all love and appreciate you more than words can express.

“ I started because I saw the help that was needed cleaning up and spreading the word for the shelter. There is never enough of anything, food, crates, meds, or only plain money. Lynne has reposted for many of the local rescues and shelters to help get them out through her network as well. Every pup we have ever gotten has been rescued. Probably more than 15 between us both. We currently have two. We believe in action. We aren’t cheerleaders; we are workers.”