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We can make a difference for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Volunteer of the Quarter (2nd Quarter 2020)

Apr 1, 2020

Meet Jen Nance

I started volunteering with the friends Berkeley Animal Center in the spring of 2019. It has been a very rewarding experience and I have made several good friends (human) along the way.
There is always gratification in finding a puppy or a dog a brand new human family to help care for them. It is always a pleasure to share in their joy and gratification to be found in helping others.

The simple fact is that volunteering with the Friends of BAC or directly at the shelter helps. It helps the shelter staff, the community, and does amazing things for the animals as well. Mostly though, it helps me. It helps me cope with depression, anxiety, and insecurity. It allows one small shy introvert to make a difference. Even if its “only” one raggedy old dog who needs ride upstate to start heartworm treatment. That four hours of my life and $20 for gas, give a dog who would have died sick and alone in a cage a chance at a long healthy life with a loving family. And I get to be part of that. The math is pretty simple. How can I not help?

Somewhere, somehow these animals ended up at the shelter. Most are scared and confused. Many are ill. Unless people step up and step in to help, the growing homeless pet population problem is insurmountable. Every little bit helps!! Every hour spent volunteering to do laundry or playing with an animal, frees shelter staff to do something else.

Do you have a morning off work and gas money? Help save a life. Have a spare hour or two? Go play with a dog or read a book with a cat. It’s that easy. People complain all the time that something needs to be done… so do something.