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Meet Rosie and Violet

Nov 25, 2020

On Sept 14, 2020 Animal control received a call about two dogs (Rosie & Violet) chained beside a home. Upon arrival animal control noticed that the 2 dogs had dirty water, no food and Rosie had a chain imbedded in her neck. Rosie was in desperate need of emergency medical care as she was severely anemic and emaciated weighing only 14 lbs. Rosie also had 3 mass cell tumors and is heartworm positive.

Two days later Rosie was placed with a medical foster family who has been feeding Rosie slowly several times a day to prevent her from getting sick. Her foster family has helped her move when her frail body was not able to stand. Slowly with medical care, love and patience Rosie is on the road to recovery taking a few steps at a time before having to lay back down.


Fast forward to Nov 17th, Rosie has been in surgery for the removal of the three mass cell tumors and both, Rosie and Violet were spayed. Rosie still needs to be treated for heartworms. On November 18th Rosie was back at home with her foster family and will be on taking it easy for the next week. Rosie recently weighed in at 52 lbs!

Rosie is a beautiful girl and deserves a much better life than she had when animal control picked her up.

Please continue to pray and send good vibes to both Rosie and her sister Violet as they both continue to receive the medical care needed to make them healthy for adoption in their forever homes.

This is Violet and an update from her foster.

Violet went to her foster to adopt home today. I was not emotionally prepared for three foster pups to go to their forever homes in the same week. I’m already missing all of them. She still needs to be treated for heart worms.