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Old Moncks Corner Fairgrounds, 135 Fairgrounds Rd, Moncks Corner, SC 29461


Each vendor must complete an online application. The final day for applying is April 3, 2021.

The Town of Moncks Corner requires all vendors to have a Business or Peddler’s license to participate in this event.

If you need to apply for a Business or Peddler’s license, please complete the application at the end of this document and return it to the Town of Moncks Corner according to their instructions. If applying for a Peddler’s License, you must state it is for May 1, 2021.
Food Trucks
$50.00 plus 10% of Sales for savory, sweets, alcohol, or 10×10 tent space

Retail & Crafting Vendors

$40.00 for 8×8 tent space

$50.00 for 10×10 tent space

$60.00 for 12×12 tent space

Payments must be received no later than five business days after receiving your approval notification unless other arrangements have been made.


The Town of Moncks Corner charges a 2% hospitality tax. 10% tax is due on all purchases at the event.


Moncks Corner Business or Peddler’s License is required. When applying for a Peddler’s License, you must state it is for May 1, 2021.


8:00 am – All vendors can begin arriving to set up their space.

9:30 am – Area will be closed to the arrival of vendors and vehicles.

10:15 am – Your vehicle must be moved to the designated parking area.

10:30 am – Vendors must be finished setting up and ready for attendees.

11:00 am – The event begins. Food trucks must be ready to serve.

5:00 pm – Event ends and vendors can begin packing up. The remaining attendees will be escorted out.

5:30 pm – All attendees. Please verify it is safe to move your vehicle before moving it into the vendor area.

7:30 pm – The area should be clear of all vendors.


Electricity and water are unavailable on site.

Portalets and hand washing stations will be available.


There will be a designated smoking area for vendors. Please keep the smoking area clean and discard all cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.


Each vendor’s space will be predesignated. A map with vendor locations will be available no later than one week prior to the event.


Vehicles will only be allowed in the vendor area for loading and unloading. They will not be allowed in the vendor area while attendees are present. Food trucks that must have a vehicle attached must notify the event coordinator.

For safety, vendors and food trucks may not leave early. In the event of an emergency during event hours, please contact the event coordinator.


Moncks Corner Police Officers will be on-site and available, if needed, for any security-related events that may arise.


Out of consideration for our attendees and other vendors, please do not use vulgar language.


Jennifer Hill is your event coordinator for this event. Please contact her with any questions that may arise.