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Event Rules & Regulations


Light rain or shine, this event will take place. In the event we are under a storm advisory, we will cancel and announce a new date. Paid vendors will be given the right of first refusal before replacement vendors are found. Refunds will not be issued.


Food truck operators must provide the following information and/or documents to be considered for participation.

Federal Tax ID Number

SCDOR Retail Sales Certificate

South Carolina DHEC Retail Food Establishment Permit

Certificate of Liability Insurance (General Liability)

Food Truck size (length and width)

Please see your event addendum for additional information that may be required.


Unless the event addendum indicated otherwise, retail and crafting vendors are not required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance, but it is highly recommended that each vendor carries appropriate liability insurance.

MLM vendors: When filling out the application use the name of the company you represent, for example, use “Paparazzi” instead of “My Bling.”


Unless otherwise indicated, we do not guarantee any vendor exclusive rights to sell a particular item although we will attempt to limit competition.


Vendors are responsible for providing their own tents, tables, chairs, and other needed equipment. All displays and equipment must fit in their predesignated space.

Tents must be weighed down. No exceptions.

Do not infringe upon another vendor’s space.

Displays must be appropriate for a family environment.

Vendors shall not display or disseminate any form of political advertising, paraphernalia, or propaganda.

Firearms, BB guns, toy guns, fireworks, snaps, smoke and stink bombs, Silly String, and adult paraphernalia are prohibited.

We reserve the right to ask any vendor to remove inappropriate items or leave.


Once approved, payments can be made on our website or by one of the alternate methods. Refunds will not be issued for repayments.

Preferred payment method:

Friends of Berkeley Animal Center Website

Alternate payment methods:

Venmo @FOBAC

Cash App $FOBAC


All vendors are required to keep their area clean during events. Anyone who leaves a mess at the end of the day will not be considered for future events. Please remove your trash at the end of the day as there will be limited trash cans available.


Will vary by event and location. Information will be provided in the event addendum.


Children must be observed and not permitted to disturb other vendors or attendees of the event.


While all events support Berkeley Animal Shelter, please refrain from bringing your pets to events.


Alcohol is only available at certain events during the year. Please be responsible if you choose to drink alcoholic beverages at those events. If the event coordinator feels that you are intoxicated, you may be asked to leave immediately.


Security and/or event coordinators will be on-site and available, if needed, for any security-related events that may arise. If there is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.


If you are sick or running a fever on the day of the event, please stay home to protect the well-being of others. If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask and maintain six (6) feet of distance from anyone outside of your immediate household. Vendors are required to provide a bottle of hand sanitizer for employees and attendees and sanitize their area often. Please follow all federal, state, and local procedures.


Friends of Berkeley Animal Center is not responsible for loss, theft, damage, or injury that occurs during events.

We reserve the right to deny participation, including a permanent ban on participating, to any vendor that does not comply with event rules and regulations.


We reserve the right to terminate participation at our sole discretion. Refunds will not be issued in the event of termination during an event.

ERR 06-2021 Ver. 8

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