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© Friends of Berkeley Animal Center 2019

"Sharing Love, Saving Lives"

Friends of Berkeley County Animal Center is a 501(c)(3) created by animal-loving volunteers to support the Berkeley Animal Center. The employees and volunteers of the Berkeley Animal Center are passionate about the care and well-being of animals and we are passionate about helping them to provide it. In the tradition of “friends of” groups, we stepped up to the challenge of supporting their efforts to find homes for the abandoned and surrendered animals of Berkeley County.

Only by bringing together hardworking volunteers, a caring community, and generous donors are we able to accomplish our goals. We work hard to raise funds, organize events, grow volunteerism, promote public education, and encourage community and business involvement for the benefit of the growing homeless animal population of Berkeley County, SC.

Our biggest dream is to fund the building of a modern facility. One that can meet the demands of the increase in animal needs that Berkeley County has seen with its ever-growing people population. We closely coordinate with the staff of the Berkeley Animal Center to understand their needs, so they can focus on the daily care and adoption of these defenseless animals who so desperately just want help and homes. Together we are a winning team!

We are on a mission to:

• Educate the community on the many ways they can help

• Increase the adoption rate

• Provide medical assistance funds to help sick or injured animals

• Spay/Neuter Assistance

• Create a TNR program

• Organize, Plan and Fundraise to build a shelter for the future

With an ever-growing number of animals in need, we need continued support and assistance from the public. We encourage people in the community to get involved, through donations, adoptions fostering, and volunteer work.

General Online Participation Policy:
The purpose of the Friends of Berkeley Animal Center Facebook page and website are to present information of interest to our residents, businesses, employers, employees, and visitors. Questions, comments, and concerns are welcomed and encouraged, but please note this is a moderated online discussion site and not a public forum.

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The comments expressed by others on our Facebook page do not reflect the opinions and position of The Friends Berkeley County Animal Center. By posting a comment or material of any kind on our Facebook page, the user hereby agrees to the Policy set forth above. The Friends of Berkeley Animal Center reserves the right to ban users from this site for violations of this policy.

Founding Date 1/2019